A New Year’s Toast to Insanity

Katie Weber, APLD
Chapter President, APLDWA

The holidays are behind us and 2019 is gathering steam and thundering us straight into our busiest time of year as designers. Make note that I didn’t say we’re slow now. Slow seasons are saved for regions with frozen winters. We’ve got none of that luxury here. I don’t seem to have a free minute that isn’t filled with work, APLDWA board responsibilities, or family obligations. And I’m sure your version of life is busy, too. We can do all of this and succeed, though. How do I know? Last winter, with all of these same obligations, I agreed to fully commit to submitting my certification packet for review. It was a mammoth undertaking that I worked on through the spring and summer and turned in on August 27, 2018 (forever burned in my memory) for the September 1st deadline. Without the support of Lisa Port, FAPLD, as mentor, and Susan Ryan, APLD, and Kevin Monohan as co-conspirators, I doubt I would have followed through to completion. But I did, and the result is that I am one of Washington’s newest certified members, an accomplishment that brings pride and joy every time I think about it. And knowing that I completed my current load AND did my certification packet last year helps remind me that I CAN get my stuff done, if I just put my head down and get to work.

Are you curious about taking your own path to certification? You’ll read more about the certification process in March from Lisa Port, FAPLD. In the meantime, here is a photo essay of the three gardens I used in my certification submission.

Garden 1
Roberts - a large hillside garden situated between the main house and guesthouse.

Garden 2
Schoolcraft - a front entertaining space and back garden transition zone in a typical Seattle lot.

Garden 3
Amandus - a tiny Alki beach lot with spaces for cooking, entertaining, growing, kid play, and people watching.

Katie Weber, APLD