Building Value: Snap, Save, Share To, Send

Tom Lawson
APLDWA Secretary

Well, it’s that time of year again, Garden Tour Season, for which the PNW is famous. In case you haven’t heard, APLDWA has put together an incredible series of tours next month for the APLD International Design Conference. We will all be going out on tours, looking at beautiful gardens and getting inspiration for our clients and for ourselves. Yes, creating our own heavenly spaces is how most of us got into this business.

Snapping pics of this, that, and the other, we store up a treasure trove of design solutions, color combinations and inspiration. For me, these pictures usually end up in files that sit and wait to be rediscovered in the dead of winter, when I have more time (if I have more time). The value is stagnant.

Value is an interesting thing. Commerce cannot exist without something of value transferring between parties. We need it to build a Brand and a Marketing strategy. So how do we build Value? One way, is with all those pics: Snap, save, share to, send.

Whether we do it immediately, between gardens, at lunch or at the end of the day, sharing to Facebook, Instagram or to a Pinterest page, keeps that value in motion, exploding exponentially with the magic of the Internet. Interestingly enough, a style or vision will begin to form, based on these shares of what draws our eye. Value begins to emerge based on our way of seeing things. What we may not be able to explain in words is revealed with imagery, a multi-textured format much like the landscapes we create.

So as we explore the tours of the APLD International Design Conference, the multiple Garden tours of the PNW or record the growth of the Projects we have designed: snap, save, share to, send.