Peer Organized Discussion (POD)

Open Enrollment – ALL APLDWA Members Are Welcome!

The POD program originally began as the Emerging Professionals Program (EPP) which connected new designers with seasoned mentors in small groups called pods. Each pod met periodically throughout the year and discussed issues that were pertinent to its individual members.

Since participants with all levels of expertise have expressed enthusiasm for the program’s colleague collaboration, use of time, mentor expertise, and comradery, the program has been renamed Peer Organized Discussion (POD). Providing guidance for designers in the early years of their career still continues to be the main emphasis of the program.

The program is structured to suit its POD members’ needs. In general, each POD:

  • is comprised of members who live in the same geographical area; meetings occur at a mutually agreed location or video conference.
  • has 3-9 members.
  • meets every 4-6 weeks; this is determined by the POD members.
  • sets an agenda ahead of time and discusses topics timely to its members; meetings are respectful of people’s time.
  • is collaborative in nature.
  • has consistent attendance by members (this is crucial for the program to work well).
  • respects each other’s knowledge, experience level, and aesthetics.
  • is committed to supporting the needs of our newest designers.

PODs are open for enrollment anytime. Everyone in APLDWA is welcome to join – certified, professional, and associate members. This is another wonderful way APLDWA facilitates connecting as designers. We’d love to have you participate!